Terms of Use

T2 Template brings for you website and software services based on the following Terms and Conditions. These below mentioned terms and conditions might be updated from time to time basis without prior notice. Users can review the latest version of terms and conditions any time in this section. By opting for our services or purchasing our themes online, you confirm that you read, agree and understood all these below mentioned Terms and Conditions.

Theme Usage and Licensing

All our website and software services are licensed. Users can use any of our themes for websites based on their need or purpose.

Theme Updates

On a time-to-time basis, there are theme updates available to all customers. These updates are available for users who purchased our themes online and for theme license, which is still active. Updates are also available for Themes, which are accessed by our Lifetime members or Developer while the product is still active.

All our themes are designed in such a manner so that it is compatible with the latest version of the different platforms; we ensure you best ever experience. However, with older themes, we can’t guarantee you of compatibility. Some older themes may create problem with the future version. In such cases, we may retire old themes when we feel that it may no longer serve our purpose.

Theme Compatibility

We are dedicated to your satisfaction hence keep all these themes up-to-date so that you can enjoy the best of experiences. All our themes work with the latest platforms thereby helping you get all latest features or services. Most of our website and software services are designed and fine-tuned for the latest version of the platform, versions prior to that may develop or have some problems with its functionality.

Browser Compatibility

All our themes support latest web browser making it easy to use. All our website and software services are compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 & 9.


Any of our website and software services users may not claim exclusive or intellectual ownership to any of your themes or software products, unmodified or modified. All products or themes are a property of T2 Template. All our products are provided without any warranty, either implied or expressed. In no event, our juridical person should be liable for any damages, which includes, but not limited to indirect, direct consequential or incidental damages or losses assuring out of use or inability to use any of our products.

Third Party Links

At any point, we may link to any third party websites from our portal. T2 Template has no control over and is/are not responsible for any third party websites or use of your personal details. We do not recommend, endorse or vouch for the security of such websites. It is recommended that you review the terms and conditions of services and privacy policies before accessing or using the third-party site.

Photos Copyright Info

There are few images used for all demo themes provided in our portal. It is important to know that all these photos serve as examples only, these images are not included in the download. None of our website and software services come packaged with any copyright photography. It is important to know that all images or photos used in the demos are purely for demonstration purposes, it is used to give users a functional preview about the theme or how it will like once the original website content is added. The user is responsible for adding any thumbnail images.


T2 Template will not provide any guarantee or warranty on these themes in any possible manner. We won’t guarantee you that these themes will function conveniently with all 3rd party tools, components, web browsers or plugins. At the very start, it is important to check browser compatibility against demonstrated templates on the demo server. Make sure your browser will work with all these themes; we cannot guarantee you that all themes will work with browser combinations. In addition, T2 Template reserves the right to reject the request for support that occurs after either theme files are modified, or any third party plugins were installed.


Lifetime in context of all our plans means the lifetime of the product or theme. T2 Template reserves the right to discontinue any product or theme at any time for any reason without giving any prior notice.

For any further details about our terms and conditions, feel free to contact our support team.