Monstroid2 Review: Get to Know This Best-Selling WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 is a multipurpose ready-made solution that embarked on the journey at the beginning of 2017. The template was recognized by lots of people because it provided them with some pretty amazing possibilities in terms of getting first-rate websites. Yet the time had come for Monstroid2 to be updated. Now it has even more customization options and many other functional tricks to impress you with. Today we want to speak about them in details.

To start with, we should mention the inclusion of Elementor Page Builder. It is probable that you have already heard about this functionally-rich instrument that allows launching exclusive online-projects. Everything can be done in a codeless way. In addition to this, you will get superb customization freedom that makes it possible to tweak different website elements. Almost forgot to say that you can visit  Elementor Marketplace to find some additional tools (like themes, templates, and plugins) for this very page builder.

What is the most peculiar characteristic of Elementor? In our opinion, it is an orientation towards its multiple elements. Each module or widget included in Elementor will meet requirements even of the most demanding users. Just choose elements that you want to add to your pages and play around with each of them separately. Remember that coding is needed to make changes. Do you want to add icons to your pages? Or buttons? Or, maybe, you want to modify colors of headers and footers? You can do everything on your own. If it is necessary, you can also save these elements and use them in your following projects. As you can understand, Elementor is one of the best tools to assist you in creating an eye-catching and unforgettable website.

The next important thing about Monstroid2 is its diversity of ready-to-use pages and pre-designed sections. They definitely simplify matters when it comes to getting a phenomenal website in a matter of days (or even hours). In order to get access to them, you just need to click the Magic Button. You will find 500 sections that are created in different attractively-looking variations. Furthermore, all of them can be applied separately. If you think that you are going to have some limitations, throw away this idea. You will have a chance to experiment with your pages. As an example, you can choose Our Team included in one skin and Our Projects from another one.

By the way, a collection of pre-designed sections will grow only bigger. It is possible to synchronize updates with the help of Theme Core Plugin.

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The third thing about Monstroid2 that you should keep in mind is its range of marvelous skins designed for popular topics. All of them were developed by professional web-developers which means that they will satisfy all your needs. There are 20 skins that you can choose between. They are going to be updated (like sections) on a weekly basis.

Fourthly, Monstroid2 will impress your imagination with its speed. There are a few factors that make it happen. The package weighs less than 250 kb. It allows choosing even the cheapest hosting. Now, there is no need to purchase services of high-class providers. Moreover, a brand new Monstroid2 forgot about third-party plugins and inline CSS. The package already includes all necessary plugins and this element allowed to make it lighter.

We have already mentioned that Monstroid2 comes together with a large number of plugins that provide it with advanced functionality and give even more customization options.

  1. JetBlocks allows creating attention-grabbing footers and headers. It also makes it possible to add logos and texts, registration and login forms, navigation menus, hamburger panels, and many other elements.
  2. JetTricks is an incredible tool that allows adding engaging visual effects to your online-projects. Among them, you can find sticky elements, unfolding columns, and many others.
  3. JetWooBuilder is a required addon for those people who want to make an online-store out of their website. It will give you a chance to present your products in a huge number of elegant ways.
  4. JetTabs will assist you in organizing your content and making it look eye-catching. If you want to add image accordions to your pages, this plugins is your perfect choice.
  5. JetParallax is a powerful plugin that allows adding Parallax Effect to your backgrounds. You can also change the speed of the animation.
  6. JetReviews will make it possible to create overwhelming reviews and ratings. Choose colors and typography options to make them stand out from the crowd.
  7. JetMenu is your opportunity to create menus, even the most complex ones. Everything can be done in a simple and quick manner. You can arrange your content into categories and subcategories, customize them, and guide people through your online-project.
  8. JetElements is an impressive collection of different items that include price lists, sliders, banners, image comparison, and so on and so forth.
  9. JetBlog is an excellent blogging package that comes alongside dozens of blog modules.

Monstroid2 will allow you to add various types of information to your pages. To be more precise, among post variations, you can find the following ones:

  • social share;
  • video post;
  • link post;
  • audio post.

If we were to talk about integration with social networks, it would be crucial to mention that Monstroid2 allows connecting your online-project to different kinds of them. Did someone decide to share some exciting information that they read on your website? In order to do it, they just need to click on the necessary icons. In addition to this, there are 10 portfolio styles that you can use to highlight some important issues.

Monstroid2 is also Retina ready which ensures the opportunity to include only high-quality images on your website. If you want to share only high-resolution photographs, you will not have any problems. This ready-made solution will display them in the best possible light.

We cannot keep silent about a fully-responsive design of Monstroid2. It is likely that a great number of people use their smartphones to visit different online-stores and ordinary websites. For this reason, you need to make sure that your website will quickly adjust to all browsers and screens. This template will make people adore your online-project and come back to it.

After learning all the important details about Monstroid2, you can draw a conclusion. After its update, this ready-made solution turned out to be even faster. Even more efficient. Give it a try in order to get more viewers and fans. Thanks for reading!