A Member of Royal Family of Magento Themes: Magetique Review

Would you like to take your online-business to the Internet? Would you like to express your individual approach in the most eye-catching manner? In this case, you need to use something special. In terms of web-design and eCommerce, this very special thing is an incredible Magento theme called Magetique. There is no need to hire a web-professional who will create your online-store from scratch. You can become your own boss. If this sounds enough intriguing for you, we think that you need to find out more about this ready-made solution.

Magento is a well-documented and flexible platform that has already assisted lots of people in launching an excellent online-store, portfolio, advertisement website, and so on and so forth. Each online-project somehow connected with sales turned out to be one of the most impressive ones thanks to this eCommerce platform. Everything comes in one single package. We mean that you will get a chance to build a professionally-looking website no matter what complexity it has. No matter what business niche you are going to showcase.

Now we want you to learn some basic information about Magetique. There are multiple factors that make this ready-made template become one of the most advantageous and fully-functional solutions. Its package includes various pre-designed pages that allow creating a desired online-store without any efforts. Your career on the Internet can start almost immediately. Thanks to such up-to-date features as a commenting system, Parallax Effect, mega-menu, Google Web Fonts, social block, drop-down menu, live search, and many others. As you can understand, if there is a marvelous theme that can provide you with some space for creativity, you are probably reading about it at the moment.

Magetique is capable of adapting to all possible types of business because it includes a few ready-made stores that we carefully developed by TemplateMonster. In addition to this, everything is simple in terms of the process of installation. If you fail to cope with this task, you can always get in touch with technical support that is available 24/7.

There is one more thing that we should talk about before getting familiar with Magetique in the smallest details. If you really feel like launching an online-store of your dreams, you need to know why ready-made templates are so beneficial ones. Now we want to point out 5 unquestionable values of them:

  1. The performance of your online-business is one of the most crucial aspects that you need to keep in mind. Progressive templates are able to save plenty of your time. Furthermore, they will assist you in implementing even the bravest ideas in life. If you decide to use a ready-made Magento solution, you can spend the remaining time on the newest achievements.
  2. A mix of the clients segmentation and personalized content is one more thing included in Magetique. It will be easy to promote your products and get more sales thanks to various powerful features.
  3. In order to make your eCommerce website even better, you should not forget about the elaboration and improvement of modules.
  4. It is also important not to forget about taking control of your business. Thanks to this magnificent template and Magento, you can see all the selling activity and control duties performed by your staff.
  5. You also need to make your customers become interested in your services. What about transforming your potential visitors into loyal customers? There are some characteristics that will make it possible to get thousands of regular buyers. We are talking about gift certificates, auctions, bonus system, private sales, and many other pleasant options. Inspire people to buy more on your online-store and please of your digital guests together with this excellent ready-made template.

Oops, an introduction turned out to be a little bit longer than we expected. It is time to take a close look at all characteristics of Magetique…


There are five pre-made layouts that can be used for different eCommerce niches. All of them have an elegant and unforgettable appearance. Among them, you can certainly find something that can be called the most suitable variant for your online-store. Each of the provided layouts has a well-organized layout. It will become something like a guide through your website. You can be sure of turning an online-shopping into an enjoyable and simple process.

Design Customization

In terms of the customization, you are going to get a great choice of powerful options of all sorts. Thanks to them, you can easily make changes in the website appearance. Edit various pages and elements in order to get a perfect online-store. Together with a fully-fledged Color Scheme Tool does not require any programming skills from you. Get ready to get the most stylish pages with little effort. To cut a long story short, there are five header variations and four color schemes that allow making experiments in the website look. As a result, your online-store will meet needs both of you and your customers. Forget about problems in gaining popularity among your target audience.

A Large Set of Extensions

All functions that we have already mentioned are included in the package and only waiting for you to use them. Keep in mind that more and more extensions are going to become a part of this amazing ready-made template.


These days, each modern website connected with sales should have a mega-menu. This extension is developed to make your online-store become more comfortable. It also provides users with some additional customization options in terms of navigation. You can also add banners, images, and other kinds of media to your menus. Mix your categories and subcategories as your soul wants.

Ajax Catalog Filter

When someone visits an online-store, he or she may want to sort an assortment in a matter of seconds. In order to include such functionality in your website, take advantage of Catalog Filter. Everyone will be ready to find all necessary items in the twinkle of an eye. This feature is capable of saving the time of your customers for the reason that a process of search will be speeded up.

Parallax Effect and Background Video

Parallax Effect has already turned out to be a huge trend. It involves background moving at a slower rate to the foreground. It also adds an illusion of space when someone scrolls the page. If you want to add some style and visual attractiveness to your website, this feature is exactly what you need.

Newsletter Popup and Newsletter Form

When we are talking about these two features, we are pointing at the opportunity to gain more trust and promotion. People will be able to get familiar with your updates. In such a way, a base of your customers will grower bigger and bigger every single day.

Featured Products

This wonderful extension makes it possible to include the necessary items on the specific pages. As an example, if you have some fresh products to show off, featured products will help you in this goal.


One more indispensable part of the online-store is a wishlist. If someone wants to tag some items that they had set their heart on, they can easily add them to wishlist. Moreover, the number of products that can be included in wishlist is countless.

Product Comparison

In order to make further decisions, it is important to have a chance to compare products with each other. The best choice can be made when if people have a chance to understand which item has the best characteristics. For this reason, a product comparison is often called a vital feature of the online-store.

Google Maps

If you decide to show whereabout of your shop, it is possible to use Google Maps. It will allow them to find your location in a jiffy. What is more, this feature can really expand your audience.

Smart Product Labels

What about capturing more attention from your core audience? Add, change, and update the labels for different types of products in order to improve your sales.

Social Sharing

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find the Internet user who does not spend some of his or her time in social networks. For this reason, some people may want to share products they liked in their social profiles. By means of the excellent social sharing, you can provide them with such a desired chance.

Countdown Timer

If you want to gladden your customers with some hot offers? Do your visitors need to know for what period of time your sales will be available? In this case, you certainly need to pay your attention to the countdown timer. It will increase interest in your products.

Below you can take a glance at other features included in the package of this multipurpose template.

Perfect Performance

Magetique is optimized to make sure that your customers do not waste precious seconds.

Those seconds may cost you sales, so this template includes everything for the lightning-fast performance. Here we should mention a stunning AMP-functionality that also makes mobile pages be loaded in a flash.

We hope that this small guide on Magetique template was useful for you. Turn your online-store into the most majestic one together with this ready-made solution. Thanks for reading!